6 Cold-Fighting Foods for the fall Season ::

6 Cold-Fighting Foods for the fall Season The cold and flu season is just about here. Prepare yourself and your loved ones by educating yourself on simple meals that help prevent and treat colds. These meals contain ingredients which support your immune system’s eradication of cold-causing pathogens. Below is a list of these easy-to-prepare meals…. Read more »

Celebrating Grandparents on Their Special Day ::

Marian McQuade from West Virginia, started with the simple idea of supporting the elderly in nursing homes and ended with a new holiday, Grandparents Day. Declared a national holiday by President Carter in 1978, it is now celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Over 56 million grandparents now reside in the… Read more »

5 Ways to Thrive During the First Month of School ::

5 Ways to Thrive During the First Month of School School can be stressful or exciting depending on how prepared you are.  Don’t wait until you begin having problems.  Whether you have trouble academically or socially, it’s important to know how to tackle your concerns.  Having a plan from the start is a great way to set a… Read more »

How to Sharpen Your Focus and Get More Done ::

How to Sharpen Your Focus and Get More Done Do you often feel unsatisfied with how much you’ve accomplished in a day? Many people struggle with being productive, but there are ways you can become more focused and efficient, even if you’ve habitually been scatterbrained in the past. Try putting these six strategies to work… Read more »

Stay Motivated and You Will Be Successful ::

Stay Motivated and You Will Be Successful Do you sometimes find yourself staring at your “to do” list but you can’t work up any motivation to get it done? Maybe you’re at work and your boss has given you a deadline but you feel unable to get started on the project? This is the time… Read more »

How Appearance Relates To Success ::

How Appearance Relates to Success “Clothes make the man” is an old adage coined by someone who understood the correlation between personal appearance and success.  Over the years, other expressions have become popular to make the same point: “Dress for success” is sound advice for anyone going on a job interview. During their training sessions,… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Good Listening ::

The Dos and Don’ts of Good Listening Good listening is an art it’s well worth cultivating. Practicing good listening is valuable and powerful in any situation. When you listen carefully, you can respond and take action appropriately and gain respect at work, within your family and in social situations. When you feel uncomfortable in a… Read more »

The Fundamentals of Service Excellence ::

The Fundamentals of Service Excellence Ask the typical person what service excellence looks like, and you’ll likely hear a myriad of the same answer. However, an honest reflection of service excellence goes way beyond service with a smile. That is part of it but only a small part. True service excellence is defined by a… Read more »

Great Ways to Manage Stress ::

Great Ways to Manage Stress Stress can be one of the biggest factors leading up to life dissatisfaction and depression. It is the constant foe that you face every day and night. It can affect your health, relationships and emotional well-being. There are ways to deal with this problem and help cut down the stress… Read more »

Why a Sense of Humor is a Great Quality ::

Why a Sense of Humor is a Great Quality People like to laugh. It’s a general rule of mankind. People will often seek out funny things and funnier people. Humor is good for you. Not only is it good to laugh, but it’s good to make people laugh. It’s no coincidence that people often say… Read more »