Why a Sense of Humor is a Great Quality

Excited delighted young woman shouting and celebrating success over white background

People like to laugh. It’s a general rule of mankind. People will often seek out funny things and funnier people. Humor is good for you. Not only is it good to laugh, but it’s good to make people laugh. It’s no coincidence that people often say they like funny people as friends or as significant others.

Being able to make people laugh is often seen as a sign of intelligence. It implies that not only do you understand people well enough to know what they will like, but you also have the means and know-how to present it to them. People are drawn to intelligent people but are often intimidated by them. Humor breaks the ice while letting a shimmer of that intelligence shine through. It becomes a great first impression when it works correctly.

Laughter is therapeutic. People need a break from the stress of their everyday lives. They are so wrapped up in the mundane nature of things that a good joke can throw them for a loop in a delightful way. It can feel like finding a way to get your head above water, even if only for a much-needed breath.

Having a sense of humor shows people your lighter side. It’s good to let people know that you’re a person just like them. No matter what position you hold with them, people will almost always respect you more when they recognize your humanity. Be careful though; too much humor may cause people to think you don’t take anything seriously. Balance is key to success.

You should try not to laugh at the expense of others; people may find it funny at that moment, but they will also remember the capacity you have for cruelty, and you don’t want that. Sometimes you may run into a person that simply doesn’t care for joking; they’re rare, but these people do exist. It may be best to cut your losses and move on to someone who can appreciate your efforts.

Everyone has it in them to make others laugh. You just have to find the way that works for you. Now, start making them laugh.