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Stress can be one of the biggest factors leading up to life dissatisfaction and depression. It is the constant foe that you face every day and night. It can affect your health, relationships and emotional well-being. There are ways to deal with this problem and help cut down the stress building inside you. Here are six ways that can help you overcome this daily battle.

The first step for managing stress is to be active. Despite the long working hours you may have, there are still opportunities to squeeze in some physical activity during the day. You can park in a more distant spot, take the bus, use the stairs instead of the elevators, stay on your feet, etc. As long as you keep up with the movement, you will have more energy and be less occupied with stress. Increased activity can also help you work better, increasing your creativity.

Humor is another method in your arsenal to help defeat stress. You can find plenty of things to laugh about, even in the midst of work. Share funny comments with your co-workers, crack a joke or laugh at a funny thought. Even the most stressful situations can be alleviated with a little humor.

You may have someone in your personal circle or at work who can assist in stress management. Everybody has their battle with stress; asking someone for help can make dealing with it an easier task. You do not have to be shy about it, since many others are having the same struggle. Some of the most successful professionals eliminate their stress by simply getting through it with their peers.

Receiving additional assistance is like finding a mentor. Whether you need to learn a new technique or start a successful business, there are mentors you can count on for anything. Managing stress is no different; there are individuals who have experience in dealing with it and can help you work through it. You may have someone you look up to at work, in your family or among your friends. Sitting down for a discussion can help you for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, a deep breath is all you need to lift the stress off your shoulders. Stress can be tricky to manage, but it is important to keep a cool head, especially around co-workers, managers and clients. If you are on the brink of losing composure, take a step back and take a deep breath.

People meditate for a reason, not just to pass time or feel enlightened. Meditation can be one of the best stress relievers. You do not need to take spiritual classes or learn from a yogi to meditate, you just need to understand where to start. There are free online guides out there that will teach you the various ways to meditate. If you can minimize the force that is dragging you down within, you can erase stress and be more in control of your day.

Stress can break you down, even if you’re not faced with direct pressure. Following these simple steps can make a significant difference every day. You can easily fit these techniques into your daily routine and make them a daily habit. Once you have mastered stress management, you will look forward to waking up each morning.