Excellence Excellent Good Intelligence Concept

Ask the typical person what service excellence looks like, and you’ll likely hear a myriad of the same answer. However, an honest reflection of service excellence goes way beyond service with a smile. That is part of it but only a small part. True service excellence is defined by a few key characteristics but not many people know what they are. Believe it or not, the core components of service excellence are as strategic as a good business plan. The four fundamentals include commitment, passion, balance, and a positive attitude. They coexist to form the blueprint of service excellence.

The most important characteristic of service excellence is commitment. If one is committed to quality, the rest can be taught. Without commitment, there can be no service excellence. Committed people tend to value the service they provide and that creates synergism. A dedication to commitment will motivate someone to try harder to please, to satisfy, and to succeed. A commitment to quality is not only a competitive advantage in business, it is the backbone of service excellence.

Once the backbone has been established the building can begin. The next thing on the list is a positive attitude. Positivity is contagious and that’s a good thing in business and in service. Positive attitudes tend to energize each other. People with this attribute typically view challenges as opportunities. They are more likely to produce under pressure and strive to achieve goals. It takes people with a positive attitude to provide excellent service.

Passion is also high up on the ladder of importance. When people love what they do, it shows. They tend to be more committed to their work and their colleagues. Passion encourages productivity. People who are passionate about their work typically have a drive to succeed. There drive is not necessarily success oriented but they are so passionate about their work that nothing less than the best will do.

Additionally, there must be a balance. An equilibrium of confidence, commitment, and courtesy must exist. Without balance there is a danger of regression. Someone must be confident in their abilities and committed to the cause, yet everything must be tempered with a large amount of courtesy. Whether flipping burgers or running a large corporation, balance is key and courtesy is always appropriate. This key element is often overlooked in business today.

These attributes are all equally important and paramount to service excellence. These are not radical ideas, they are proven theoretical elements. Service with a smile is nice but without the fundamentals all you have is a smile. Many people have not been taught the basics of what service excellence really looks like. Service without excellence is shallow. It leaves people feeling empty and unsatisfied. Commitment, passion, balance, and a positive attitude are integral building blocks for success in business. A proven leader will help their team members develop these essential qualities and pair them with a servant’s heart for a good picture of what service excellence really looks like.