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Great Ways to Manage Stress ::

Stress can be one of the biggest factors leading up to life dissatisfaction and depression. It is the constant foe that you face every day and night. It can affect your health, relationships and emotional well-being. There are ways to deal with this problem and help cut down the stress building inside you. Here are… Read more »

Why a Sense of Humor is a Great Quality ::

People like to laugh. It’s a general rule of mankind. People will often seek out funny things and funnier people. Humor is good for you. Not only is it good to laugh, but it’s good to make people laugh. It’s no coincidence that people often say they like funny people as friends or as significant… Read more »

The Surprising History of Father’s Day ::

Every year, we set aside the third Sunday in June in celebration of fatherhood. We honor our dads with barbecues, picnics, cards, and gifts. In 2016, U.S. consumers are predicted to spend over 12 billion dollars on Father’s Day, making it a powerful commercial success. But the surprising truth is, Father’s Day has only been… Read more »