Habits to Adopt for Becoming a High-Performance Sales Representative


Being a sales representative is an engaging and purposeful position, but it also demands a few unique qualities to ensure a bright career. While many professionals understand the importance of developing pipelines, credibility, and trust, few recognize what makes for a great customer buying experience. Here are some habits standout sales representatives have that you can also adopt for your career.


Understand the Limits of Conversation

One deep analysis about the conversation strategy of high performers is that they only speak for about 45 seconds on average. There are sporadic cases when their talk goes up or over the minute mark. They answer numerous questions with precise information that draws from their expertise and experiences. Also, they have the ability to remove doubts or address possible rebuttals with minimum words, usually avoiding fluff and providing insightful information backed by data.


Be Precise and Intentional About Your Questions

It is essential to develop the ability to ask great questions as a sales representative, you must learn to ask great questions. Indeed, framing a quality question is also an art. Most sales experts are known to ask almost 12 to 15 questions before beginning the pitch. This strategy helps to build trust and credibility as well as providing surface information to buyers. Data reveals that a high-performance sales representative can ask one or two questions in one minute whereas the low performers tend to ask four or five questions per minute. In most of the cases studied, high performers tend to ask a few selected questions and then spend most their time listening to the potential client.


Add Flow to Your Conversation

The high-performance sales representatives maintain a natural flow of conversation and allow the client to lead the discussion. Even when these high performers are working on a product demonstration, they continue to engage with their customers and facilitate communication. These professionals use specific voices to interact with the prospect while gradually improving the customers’ comfort levels during a conversation. This flow helps to close sales efficiently and also create opportunities to dispel doubts about the product or service.

The road to becoming a standout sales representative is littered with challenges. It may not be easy to become a top performer in the sales field, but with persistence and understanding the habits of those who do, you can improve your chances. Once you have implemented these tips and adjusted your approach, you can then monitor your sales performance and make a note to highlight improvements.