5 Things to Do Before 2017

silhouette man jumps to make the word Happy New Year 2017 with sunrise. (New Year 2017 is coming concept.)

What is closer than it appears? Yep, 2017! It may seem to be weeks still away, but it will be here before you know it. You will soon be sucked in by the holidays and the ever-increasing hectic schedule. By the time you turn your calendar to January, you are going to be rushed, exhausted and tangled in holiday tinsel. Start organizing yourself now by following these five ideas to start jump-start the new year peacefully:

1. Clean out your closet, garage and house. If it’s anything you haven’t used this year, and do not plan on using, get rid of it. Give it to a friend, give it to your sister or donate it. What you have let collect dust could be a treasure to someone else. Besides, clutter messes with your brain flow — let it go.

2. Buy a 2017 calendar. Using your old calendar as a guide, transfer all of your important dates to the new year, such as birthdays, anniversaries and monthly meetings. Doing this will eliminate the need to write important dates on scrap paper before your calendar ends in December. It also means that, come January, you will not be digging in crevices to locate that scrap paper.

3. Fix your budget. You already know that you likely are going to overspend for the holidays. Put an action plan in place to fix your budget for January, and also make it better. Look at how you spent your money thus far in 2016, and discover ways to save. Even if you think you cannot possibly save another dime, you can. Get creative. Start now, and you will have plenty of time to make the most of your money in 2017.

4. Take a look at your health. Make appointments with your doctor for a check up and your dentist for a cleaning. You know your New Year’s resolutions are likely going to include fitness and healthy eating. When you do this, you will know your strengths and weakness and can adjust your focus accordingly.

5. Set goals. Don’t rush to set your goals or resolutions for 2017. Take your time and create an action plan. Include small steps or mini-goals to help you along the way and to arrive at the finish line easier. Make a plan and make sure you can stick to it for the coming year.

Follow these steps to prepare to take 2017 by the horns and get it under control before the first day even arrives. You will be organized, clean and plan-driven. Go on, sip your pumpkin spice latte with your friends this holiday season while you marvel at what you already have accomplished.