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Fall Grilling Tips

You do not have to give up your favorite cooking appliance just because summer is over. Fall is the perfect time to grill hearty steaks, delicious chops, healthy fish and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Fall is also the perfect time to experiment with new recipes or try out new marinades you did not previously have time for. Summer grilling sessions tend to be rushed affairs as you try to feed everyone and socialize. Fall grilling can be more leisurely – giving you more time to enjoy and savor your food. Use these tips to get your fall grilling season off to a great start.

.   Seek out recipes that you can make now and serve later. Grilling ribs, steak tips and other cuts in the fall can give you months of delicious meals when winter is fully in force and the grill is no longer an option.

.   Move the grill to a better location. Moving the grill closer to the house can extend the fall grilling season and make outdoor cooking more comfortable. Having the grill close by can make outdoor cooking an option even when temperatures drop.

.   Make your marinades ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Use old marinade bottles or freezer containers to store your favorite grilling flavors.

.   Experiment with new marinades and rubs for your fall grilling. Mix some ground coffee into your dry rub for a classic cowboy steak or use some brown sugar for a delicious glaze.

.   Incorporate your favorite beverages into your fall grilling recipes. They can all be used to make your grilled meats even more delicious.

.   Build a fall kabob with autumn vegetables right from the farmers’ market. You can enjoy some now and freeze the leftovers for later.

.   Grill your fresh catch. Fall is prime fishing season, and there is nothing like fresh fish on the grill.

.   Experiment with different kinds of poultry on the grill. If you are tired of chicken wings, try some fresh capon, game hen or goose. The months leading up to Thanksgiving are when specialty poultry makes its appearance at local grocery stores.

.   Clean your grill thoroughly when you do put it to bed for the winter. Scrub the grates, clean out the grease trays and store the propane tank safely.

.   Invest in a quality cover to keep the ice and snow off the grill. Move the grill under a roof or overhang if possible.

Grilling is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables. The above tips should allow you to enjoy the flavor of grilled food long into the autumn season.